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Small Projects Funding

Need Funding For Your Micro Projects, We Can Help ...

HGA plays a pivotal role in helping clients secure funding from the most appropriate sources.

With expertise helping companies of all sizes and from myriad industries, HGA helps companies prepare compelling pitches and to meet with those that matter.

We have ​long-established connections to private equity firms and our reputation for partnering only with reputable projects. HGA is ideal for assisting, whether with a new venture or when needing capital for expansion.

To attract funding, you need ​cash flow forecasts to measure your business's health and progress. HGA compiles such reports globally daily and realistic financial projections, essential when looking to obtain small project funding.

HGA can help you consider the intricate details and often overlooked elements of projects to ensure you're in the best position. It would be best if you had a ​business plan for your small project financing. A business plan helps you plan for the future and allows potential investors to understand how realistic your ambitions are and the likelihood of success.

To get it right, HGA will help you create one from the visualization stage, through to getting funded and registered. HGA will ensure a smooth and painless process, helping you choose the right information to put in the business plan.

Business valuation is another essential part of the business funding process. We focus on your needs and present information in a clear, easy-to-understand way that helps you understand the often complicated computations that makeup business valuations.

Additionally we offer a unique opportunity to participate in several projects worldwide on a micro and macro scale. These are HGA developed projects with small amounts of money- similar to crowdfunding constructions via contracts starting at €100,-. HGA can provides Small Project Funding participation through based on our experience and can offer 6% compound interest monthly Return On Investment (ROI).

For more information on how you can participate in our Small Project Funding program contact us.

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